Brand Design

YouTube channel

The Brief:

A new YouTube channel featuring ASMR unboxing videos with a high-end feel needed a new logo and a brand assets to use across social media and video intros/overlays. The client requested an art deco inspired modern and luxe feel, with enough versatility to cover any type of product unboxing.

Tools & software:

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

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Final creative

detail of pattern detail of pattern detail of pattern detail of pattern

I delivered all the individual design elements as PNGs and vectors to the client, who wanted to be able to create new patterns or overlays on videos (for example, for the intro) as and when needed.


paint roller


The main inspiration provided by the client was an art deco-inspired business card, with some logos they also liked the simplicity of. It was important that the logo is just a word, without any imagery.

Another requirement was to have an icon formed of some parts of the logo that can act as a watermark on the videos.

logo exploration

After a first round of rough exploration to choose a direction to develop the design in, both the client and I agreed on which one to develop further, and add colour to.

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