Website and Blog

A minimal, clean homepage to showcase features of the Curated app, links to download it, display shared content, and a redesign of the blog. The concepts were implemented by a web developer.

Final creative

Screenshot of Curated website Screenshot of Curated website

Collapsing menu bar and subtle parallax effect with the phones when scrolled down.

Screenshot of Curated website

The rest of the homepage template.

Screenshot of Curated website

Blog homepage

Screenshot of After Life TV show review

Web page displaying shared content, in this case a TV show, outside the Curated app. This is what someone would see if they were sent a link by a Curated user to read a review and didn't have the app installed.

Screenshot of Cribsheet book review

A book review's web page.

The big challenge of designing these content pages was that they had to look as similar to the app versions as possible, yet we have to display the information differently, on potentially much larger screens.

Screenshot of a podcast review

A podcast review's web page.

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