Black Friday

Marketing campaign

The Brief:

Promotional artwork used across PlayStation Europe and AU/NZ regions to support a major yearly campaign, in both digital and printed formats. I was responsible for concepting, supervising the 3D key art and managing the design/storyboard aspects of the animated versions.

Tools & software:

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Cinema 4D

The requirement was a bold colour and the magenta was chosen following several meetings with stakeholders to ensure a visually striking impact and avoiding similarity to other retailers' campaigns at this time of year.

The dynamic movement of the splashing liquid offsets the relatively simple palette and shapes.

Animated promo video

still frame from the promo video

Still frame from the promo video. This is where the original concept comes through: the idea of a clean, high end gallery-type room with sculptures of elements from games that are shattered by their inner force and get splattered by an all-consuming black liquid made up of melted PlayStation shapes.

Various uses of the artwork on PS Store, PlayStation Blog and external channels