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The Brief:

Infographic style immersive carousel design for TVs running the PlayStation 4, celebrating the history of the console, its key milestones, fun facts, most popular games, and editor's picks. A challenging balance of creative design and adherence to the limitations of the CMS, with a strict grid and many quirks of the system.

The final design was localised into 15 languages using a custom script I wrote, and had region-specific artwork swaps where required due to availability restrictions.

Tools & software:

  • Photoshop
  • ActionScript
  • MS Excel

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Final creative


The full carousel as displayed on a TV - see below for further along. The blue "Did You Know?" bubbles expanded on hover to display a fun fact about the PS4. All the years, and big and small text areas were clickable and took the user to a selection of games or videos in that category.

Infographic Infographic Infographic Infographic Infographic

The end of the timeline was a nearly-full-screen video that was part of the original launch campaign. There was a lot of trickery with templates and the system to make all of this display the way it did!

paint roller


Moodboard presented to stakeholders for approval, with an aim to show beautiful, bold game artwork, eye-catching headings and a modern, slick infographic style.

The fonts used had to adhere to PlayStation brand guidelines, so I used the SST font, and Bebas Neue which had been previously chosen as a secondary PlayStation Store sub-brand font at the time, for headings and key messaging.

A work in progress example of the limitations of the layout and clickable areas. I had to make sure the whole design adhered to this grid, and that no important parts of characters or text got obscured by the thick border of a highlighted area, all the while having to make the design look varied and not like it's grid-based. A true challenge!

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