Summer Sale

Promotional campaign

The Brief:

Promotional artwork used across PlayStation Europe and AU/NZ regions to support a major yearly campaign. I was responsible for concepting, 3D key art and managing the design/storyboard aspects of the animated trailers.

Tools & software:

  • Cinema 4D
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Final creative

Key art
This was the static asset for 2D artwork; the requirement was something simple to act as a backdrop to strong promotional messaging on multiple online platforms, and be easily animatable for promo videos.

Animated 30 second promo video

PlayStation Store graphics on TVs and online using the assets.

paint roller



Moodboard for the balloon concept which was presented to stakeholders - this was what was approved as they were after something fresh, colourful and summery that is celebratory of the PlayStation brand.

Experimenting with low fidelity balloons and animations in 3D as proof of concept

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