Branding and web design

The Brief:

Branding identity and ongoing UX/UI/web design for an online group card and gift collection service, featuring messages, images, gifs and cash. The brand needed to be fun, upbeat, appealing to a relatively young target audience who is open to the alternative gift card idea, especially with a focus on offices and remote workers following the Covid-19 crisis. The biggest challenge in this project is keeping each new feature and piece of information as simple and easy as possible as the user base is so wide ranging, including users whose first language is not English.

Tools & software:

  • Adobe XD
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

The branding master reference sheet for Thankbox, including a custom pattern that is the core of the brand and is the default theme for a new Thankbox.

An example 'Thankbox'.

The design for standalone pages aims to be consistent visually, with one base template but enough flexibility to showcase different types of content. Just like the Thankboxes people send, this brand is handcrafted and bespoke.

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