Hi, I'm Barbara.

I specialise in working with individuals, small businesses and startups to create and maintain a brand to be proud of ♡

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Barbara has been in charge of our project design direction since its inception. I firmly believe that Thankbox would not have been as successful as it has been if it were not for her driving the UI and UX decisions. She has a firm understanding of what makes a good design, she is willing to explore different options and iterate many times until the result meets her high standards. The benefits this reaps are clear - our users unanimously agree that our website’s experience is “clean, easy to grasp and looks great”. I would recommend Barbara wholeheartedly.
Valentin Hinov – Director, Thankbox
I felt Barbara really wanted to get to the core of my business, and working with her has provided me with a recognisable but sharper look, and a clearer direction for my brand. She asks detailed questions and gives concise feedback to move things forward. She offers a personal but professional service, and helpfully, her honest opinions too.
Kate Ladd – Owner, Greenery Flowers
Looking for infallible short-cuts in production and process flows is something Barbara excelled at and she even wrote a script to streamline work for the team. She has this unique ability to marry the creative to the technical aspects of design; with a unique knowledge of digital and web design, she would be an irreplaceable team member wherever she worked.
Anthony Graziano – UX Product Design Manager, PlayStation
I decided that I would build my own company website, however, I soon realised that it would really benefit from a professional touch. Barbara provided the insights and skills to create a website that I can be truly proud of.
Diane Law – Director, Peppermill

About me

In late 2019, after 5 years and a lovely time at Sony PlayStation, I decided to move on from my position as senior designer to pursue a wider variety of projects as a freelancer. Since then I've had the pleasure of working with a great range of clients, from tech startups to florists through to wellbeing coaches and investment bankers.

For me, variety is the spice of life, and I bring my full focus and enthusiasm to any project I work on. I apply strong design foundations and principles to your project in a bespoke way. Unlike some designers, I don't use the same template for all my websites, because I believe every project is unique in some way. I ask each client detailed questions about their visual preferences before I touch any design software.

I also run a photography business specialising in headshots, lifestyle and business, so if you need bespoke photography to round out your brand project, head on over to barbasboth.com and have a browse!


I'll implement a fancy contact form soon - in the meantime, please email me at hello@barbasboth.com with your project brief or enquiry and we'll take it from there.